Monday, April 16, 2007


Francie, over at the beautiful SCENTED COTTAGE blog, named my wee blog as one of her favorites to visit. She said such nice things it actually made me blush. She also ever-so-subtly suggested that I didn't post very often. Oops! Too true, I fear. In fact, my very last post was a direct result of her coaxing. Thank you, Francie.

Most of the blogs I visit are hosted by a group of brilliantly talented, crafty women who have the ability to create beautiful, whimsial, unique objects. I am totally incapable of doing anything remotely crafty and artful, so I am very grateful I can at least see what they are up to on their blogs.

Where they play with colorful paints and lace and feathers and ribbons, I usually just play with words and punctuation. Somehow it just doesn't seem fair!

I've selected five of my favorite "literary" sites that you might enjoy, too. I can lose myself for hours here. As it turns out, reading them is much more satisfying than actually writing. Imagine that!

Dennis Coleman's site at Click on his Is It Just Me? My Rants button. He lists the origin of words and phrases. Fascinating!

Frictionary at is a wonderful resource for funny, witty, thought-provoking quotes.

Miss Snark, at Miss Snark is the alter-ego of a New York literary agent. She is witty and smart and has lots of great advice for writers.

A.C. Crispin at is a list of writer scams. Very useful.

And finally, there is The Rejecter at A literary agent talks about all things writing.

Now, I would have thought when I typed these blog addresses, it would have created links. Apparently, it did not. Oh, there is so much I have to learn about this blogging business! But you can link to them directly by clicking on them in Places To Hang Out.



OldBagNewTricks said...


These are fabulous. However did you find them? I love to read smart writers.... I very much feel the need to link them from my odd little blog. Thank you.


Francie M. said...

oh boy, I am going to visit each one...but you will still be my favorite, I promise!